Available Positions

Research Technologist

The Goff lab has one (1) open position for a Research Technologist / Lab Manager. The successful candidate will join a fun and engaging laboratory, developing and utilizing cutting-edge, high throughput genetic, genomic and computational technologies for the exploration of neural cell fate decisions, neurodegeneration, and developmental disorders. After entry-level training under the general supervision of a faculty investigator and laboratory supervisor, the individual will be responsible for performing routine molecular biology assays in this research laboratory and contributing to general maintenance of the laboratory, equipment and supplies. The candidate will also present summaries and quality assessments of data generated at regular intervals.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Our group is looking for motivated postdocs who are interested in single-cell biology, neuronal cell fate specification, and functional genomics. We operate at the interface between experimental and computational biology and expect that all postdoc fellows will cross-train in each field.

There are currently positions open for post-doctoral fellows in the lab:

  • One position will focus on wet-bench single cell techniques, applications, and engineering. Applicants should have experience with cell culture, mouse models, histology and tissue processing, and basic molecular biology techniques and genome editing tools. Experience with microfluidics or single cell RNA-seq applications is a bonus. Potential projects involve:
    • Reconstruction of neuronal degeneration in human and mouse models of Parkinson's disease, ALS, CADASIL, and Alzheimer's.
    • Characterization of novel enteric nervous system cell types during development and aging
    • Development of novel cellular assays for integrative analysis of cellular phenotypes (e.g. morphology, circuitry, etc) and transcriptional profiles in the mouse brain.
  • The second position will be primarily computational and candidates should have expertise in next-generation sequencing, genetic data analysis, and basic statistics. Additional experience with modern single cell RNA-Sequencing workflows and tools is a bonus. Projects include:
    • exploration and reconstruction of lineage mapping in the developing neocortex.
    • Developmental fate mapping in the enteric nervous system.
    • Development of statistical frameworks for integrative analysis of 3D spatial positioning and transcriptional signatures.
Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and a brief summary of your research interests to loyalgoff@jhmi.edu.

Graduate Students

The Goff lab trains graduate students from the Human Genetics and Neuroscience graduate training programs at Johns Hopkins. Students in these programs are encouraged to contact Dr. Goff directly for information about rotations or joining our group.